Babingui a cultural concept
Babingui a reflection of the senses
Initially forty-three thousand square kilometers
With four million
On fifty-two and ethnic dances
independent forms to foreign cultures
Babingui a dancer on behalf premonitory
When you dance Babingui it is a cultural input
The river to the sea through the basins of the Congo
Babingui also means picture of the depth of the man Kongo
A workshop for those Babingui
Not just a company of dancers
But a thought, a search space
A share, a creation, as a matter
As a response "Babingui"
Africa through its body
Nguaka tur

Yes Babingui the workshop is born
Dancing in the service of elevation
The man at the center of movement
Humanity with Babingui
Babingui workshop
Babingui is already plural.


@ Creation Chris Babingui. 2015

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